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Kubota launches next-generation 8 tonne mini-excavator

Kubota has enhanced its extensive range of innovative construction machinery with the launch of a new 8.5 tonne mini-excavator, providing operators with advanced performance and superior operation.



Our farmers and contractors in full action

Our customers are catching up in a very short period of time. That also shows this T7.270 at full dawn. This beautiful photo was taken early in the morning at 5 a.m. with the rising sun and a hint of haze.




On the occasion of Luyckx's 70th anniversary, we are launching an exclusive LEGO set in collaboration with Tom Van Mol. This unique scale model of the Hitachi ZX350LC-7 excavator promises to entice collectors with its detailed design.



Tractor dedication to benefit Athletes for Hope Rehab Meadow

The Rural Guilds of Brecht are organizing a tractor dedication this year on Sunday, July 23. The tractors will gather at Luyckx from 11.30 am.



Discover what Luyckx has to offer at MATEXPO

MATEXPO is a monument among trade fairs. 40 editions already. Few trade fairs have such a rich history as MATEXPO. At MATEXPO you will find the latest machines, techniques and equipment from the construction industry.



Hitachi wheel loader ZW180-7 with remote radio control

In cooperation with the specialized company Remoquip Remote Control Systems, the first Hitachi ZW180-7 was converted with radio control. The machine will be used immediately for clearing explosives and landmines.



Info session electric weed control

We would like to invite you to an information session on electric weed control.

The technology was developed by Zasso - New Holland. This machine combats the plant systemically from the roots to the green parts above ground. It irreversibly destroys the cell membranes and interrupts sap flows, killing the plant instantly.



New Hitachi wheelloader ZW160-7

Hitachi recently introduced a new next-generation model from its Stage V-compliant wheel loader range. The ZW160-7 has been designed to put operators in complete control of their workspace with industry-leading safety features and unrivalled comfort in the cab. Owners will feel in total control of their profit – thanks to its versatility, low total cost of ownership and exceptional efficiency – as well as their fleet and workload, due to remote monitoring tools and services provided by Hitachi.



Additional drone footage Luyckx Special Applications

Between the fields in Brecht, we're still working hard to finish our second branch. We can't wait to show you the final result soon!



Impression of job day 2023

Thank you for your presence during our job day! It was great to meet many motivated candidates.



Second-hand for sale: Hitachi KMC 520-5

Secondhand Hitachi High Demolition (KMC 520-5) for sale!



Luyckx equips excavator with Remoquip remote control

We recently equipped a third excavator with a Remoquip remote control! A useful tool to preserve the safety of the operator of the machine in places where there is a potential danger of collapse, for example. This machine is being used to demolish cooling towers of a nuclear power plant that has now been out of service for 10 years.



Focus on West Flanders branch office - Luyckx Izegem

When you hear the name Luyckx, you immediately think of the head office in Brecht and perhaps also the Luyckx division in far-off Dubai. But customers in West Flanders know better; they can call on the staff in Izegem. We felt it was high time we placed the focus on the West Flanders branch office, so we arranged to talk to (almost) the entire Izegem team.



Luyckx Izegem will undergo a complete makeover

At the end of the year we will start the complete renewal and renovation of our branch in Izegem!



HVO diesel fuel approved for Ammann, Hitachi, Kubota and New Holland machines

Research has shown that all Ammann, Hitachi, Kubota and New Holland machines are approved to use HVO diesel fuel.



Job day 2023

On Saturday 25 March we would like to welcome you to our job day!



Ammann Customer Magazine - January 2023

A new edition full of interesting topics.

What can you read in this edition?

  • Emissions: the use of electric drives is more than a trend
  • A modern asphalt-mixing plant
  • New product releases Bauma
  • as1 Argon View: new plant interface helps operators succeed

Read more here.



Jan De Nul utilises new Hitachi ZX690LCH-7 in Belgium

Jan De Nul Group is utilising a new ZX690LCH-7 to work alongside other Hitachi machines on a specialist earthmoving project at a reservoir situated at Trois-Ponts, in the province of Liège, Belgium. The new Zaxis-7 model has joined three other large (an EX1200-6, ZX870LCR-5 and ZX490LCH-6) and four medium (three ZX350LC-6s and a ZX225USLC-6) excavators.



New Year's reception

Our annual New Year's reception is always a nice time where we take a moment to look back on the past year.

Our good intentions? To honor our 70th anniversary with lots of #character, #spirit and #action.



​Ceulemans’ large Hitachi excavators aid flood protection

The Belgian contractor Ceulemans Fr & Co has invested in a pair of Hitachi ZX490LCH-6s that are involved in aiding flood protection in The Netherlands. The Berlaar-based company owns and operates a 30-hectare clay pit at Schelle, from which the large Zaxis excavators dig under licence up to 2,700 tonnes per day to a depth of 15 metres.



Collection LEGO® Hitachi scale models

LEGO specialist Tom Van Mol has already built several impressive excavators. These are now all on display at Luyckx!