The Luyckx vision


Our vision

At Luyckx, we want to remain one step ahead. We take on every opportunity with flexibility and an open mind. It is our ambition to combine strong family values with a passion for technological advances, customization, quality and service. No growth for the sake of growth, but smart, dynamic entrepreneurship with a heart for our employees and a focus on loyal customer relations; a recipe for success in this fast-evolving world.

Luyckx is above all a quality label. The fact that customers all over the world are very satisfied with the service provided by Luyckx is not a just coincidence. An open corporate culture with short decision making processes combined with a transparent structure and well-thought-over procedures are the basis for the quality of our service.

In that open corporate family culture, each individual member of staff can develop himself with respect for each other and thus bring out his very best. This extraordinary mentality within Luyckx finds its origin in sustainable policies based on Corporate Social Responsibility. Luyckx wants to be more than ‘just’ a successful company. It must also be a place where people feel good, where there is room for social aspects, and where the reduction of one’s own ecological footprint and thinking in terms of sustainability become a natural reflex.

To enforce that way of thinking and acting, Luyckx organizes training courses at its own modern, fully equipped training centre for both its own staff and for machine operators and technicians from customers. That way, we share our knowledge and create a vaster platform for working in a safe and efficient way.

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The VCA*, ISO 9001, COP and other certificates are a recognition of these continued efforts.


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