Imagine simplicity and efficiency at a glance.

Managing machine fleets can be complex and result in inefficiencies.
The fleet is often spread across several jobistes, sourced from rental companies, tends to be a mix of different brands, ages and models.

Due to inconsistent data and lack of details, this can cause a fragmented view on what equipment is doing at any given time.

  • Take control of your fleet
    Get a live overview of any machine, owned or rented. See if it’s on, off or idling.
    Finish projects on time to avoid overrun costs.
  • Cut fuel and operational costs
    Reduce idling and stop wasting fuel with a clear view on machine activity. Make the most of your existing fleet, avoid excessive maintenance costs and maximize return on your investments.
  • Stay in touch with all of your machines
    Let our fleet management solution give you an overview of possible route optimizations, actual fuel consumption and idling hotspots wherever you are. Geolocate your machines in real time and keep track of improvement opportunities at any time, any brand.

Did you know?
Industry benchmarks indicate that idling adds up to around 40% of operating time. It wastes hours of warranty, burns litres of fuel, and decreases the life of the machine and operator efficiency while losing hours of output. Let us help you prevent this!

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