Louis Luyckx and his wife, Céline, founded Luyckx in 1952. Along with selling top-quality products, their greatest challenge was to develop an effective after-sales service, because that was the guarantee for establishing long-term relationships with their customers. Today the torch has been passed on to the next generation.

Over 70 years expertise and competence that could only be achieved by holding on to what Luyckx defines as “customer service”. The result of constant innovation and continuous training, but above all the merits of the employees at Luyckx, who lead the way day after day…

Today Luyckx is one of the most important national exclusive distributors of machines for civil engineering, goods handling and agricultural sectors with leading, reliable and innovative brands. Years of close cooperation with manufacturers resulted in the strong market position Luyckx has today.

1952 – Luyckx is founded. Louis Luyckx, together with his wife Céline Vermeiren, starts to work in forestry. Quickly they saw new opportunities arising in the sales of agricultural machinery in the Antwerp region. Luyckx continued to expand and made a name for itself in the agricultural sector.

1963 – From agriculture to goods handling. Luyckx mounts its first crane on the back of a tractor in 1963. The rest is history. Innovation was already running in our blood. By mounting cranes on the back of tractors, Luyckx moved into the construction world.

1964 – New Holland becomes a reliable partner. Established as early as 1895, New Holland has as mission to improve the agricultural efficiency and productivity of its machines by means of accessible technology.

1967 – The start of the exclusive distribution of the hydraulic excavators of Hydromac. Many of our loyal Pesci customers followed us and ordered a first hydraulic excavator. Thus Luyckx built a loyal clientele in the world of civil engineering.

1970 – Luyckx becomes the official distributor of Kennis mobile cranes in Belgium and Luxembourg.

1977 – Luyckx grows…, literally and figuratively. Gradually the 2nd generation had been taking over and now continues the activities.

1982 – The signing of the exclusive distribution contract for the Hitachi and Kubota brands for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg means a real boost to Luyckx.

1989 – With Ammann, having a long history in the production of surface sealing machines, Luyckx teamed up with a strong partner for customers looking for surface sealing machinery.

1997 – Effer becomes the Luyckx partner for roofers cranes, fix mounted truckcranes and cranes for marine applications.

2012Middle East Crane, a second base camp for Luyckx in the Middle East, is established. Own offices, our own warehouses and even a fully equipped workshop allow us to provide maximum support to customers in that area. The company even holds all necessary licenses to work locally for construction companies, the oil and gas industry and also for companies specialized in the construction of artificial islands.

2015 – Luyckx starts the distribution the Hyva Lift Container Systems.

2016 – Middle East Crane becomes the official Hitachi distributor in the UAE.

2018 – Luyckx and 3D-consult establish the new joint venture Ultimated, the first one-stop shop to offer tailored guidance and advice on position fixing to companies in construction, earthmoving and infrastructure.

2018 – Middle East Crane opens its new facilities in the UAE.

2021 – Machine Control Middle East Trading is established in Dubai.