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HITACHI presents smallest telescopic arm excavator


HITACHI presents smallest telescopic arm excavator

The ZX135US-6 telescopic arm excavator from Hitachi is the optimum solution for deep excavation on narrow job sites in urban environments.
As the smallest model in the range, it occupies less than half the space of the largest model, the ZX350LC-6.
Capable of excavating to depths of 16.5 metres, it offers high levels of productivity and exceptional safety.

The special application model has been developed by Hitachi to meet the challenging requirements of underground projects in Europe. The telescopic arm of the ZX135US-6 extends and retracts smoothly in seconds using a technologically advanced combination of rope and hydraulic cylinders.

This enables it to remove soil quickly and easily from a maximum depth of 16.5 metres and load trucks efficiently so the material can be transported off site. It is not only more efficient than traditional methods, such as using cranes, skips and conveyor belts, but it is also safer and more cost-effective.


Toru Nabeshima, Manager of the Special Application department at Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV, says: “Like all of Hitachi’s special application models, the ZX135US-6 telescopic arm excavator has been designed and built in-house, and incorporates the same industry-leading technology as standard Hitachi excavators. Its compact size ensures it is easy to transport, and a perfect fit for urban areas where space is limited.”


Heavier counterweight for exceptional stability
Short cycle time for enhanced productivity
Excellent visibility with optional zoom camera
Enhanced safety thanks to fall prevention guard
Ideal for confined urban environments


Model code

ZX135US-6 telescopic arm

Engine rated power (kW)


Operating weight (kg)


Clamshell bucket capacity (m3) ISO heaped


Bucket digging force (kN)


Maximum vertical digging depth (m)