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XPower XPU: Electrical weed control for urban applications


XPower XPU: Electrical weed control for urban applications

The future of herbicides is the XPower:

  • A proven alternative weeding technique
  • Electrophysical destruction of weeds and invasive plants
  • Based on a closed, uniform and targeted electrical circuit
  • Works down the roots: XPower treats the plant from the leaves to the roots in the soil

Working principle

High-voltage electricity is provided locally by a generator. The electric current passes via the applicator into the plants and then into the soil. The electric circuit is closed via a second applicator that either touches other plants or the soil. The energy lets the plants wilt from the inside, right down into their roots:

  • Systemic mode of action
  • Irreversible destruction of cell compartmentation
  • Interrupted water supply in the vessels
  • Immediate plant death

The XPower effect can be best compared with that of glyphosate, it works right down the roots: only in an instant and without residu!

Designed for urban applications

The XPU has been specially developed for municipal businesses and building yards. Its compact design makes it ideal for narrow-track tractors.

In comparison to mechanical weed control or hot water processes, there is no ballast whirled up or sand washed out of the joints of the pavement. The treated plants remain in place, the soil surface remains shadowed and new seeds will not find a favorable seed bed for germination.

What are the advantages compared to chemical weeding?

  • Fast and durable action: it is residue-free and can be applied in most weather conditions.
  • It does not lose its effectiveness in case of rain after application, unlike chemical weed killers.
  • The XPU user is not exposed to toxic substances.
  • Neither the soil, water nor insects are affected during the application.
  • XPower applications are not subject to legal restrictions and can be applied in all areas, e.g. along water ways.
  • No additional supplies (hot water, gas, manual operations...) required.

What are the advantages compared to non-chemical weeding?

  • Systemic action down into the roots: other non-chemical methods generally are not systemic, which provokes regrowth.
  • No impact on the soil: prevention of erosion risks and no stimulation of the weed seed stock or nutrition turnover.
  • Soil integrity: the energy runs directly into the roots and does not heat up the surrounding soil or the environment.

Would you like more information about this? Take a look at the brochure about XPower XPU here.