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Survey ZX-7 models


Survey ZX-7 models

Last month we received a request from Hitachi Construction Machinery to visit some ZX-7 machines with a delegation from Japan. They wanted to find out what our customers thought of the ZX-7 machines. We therefore went to visit Denys, Grobelco, Roebben Jan BVBA and Van Loo-Peeters. The findings of the operators were noted down by the manufacturer's representatives and taken to Japan for analysis.

During our visit, the ZX250-7, the ZX210-7 and the ZX300-7 were scrutinized. The operators who participated in the survey were very enthusiastic about these machines. The machines' handling and smooth, powerful operation were especially praised.

The Japanese delegation returned home satisfied, but not before buying a delicious portion of Belgian chocolates.

We have learned a lot and would like to thank Denys, Grobelco, Roebben Jan BVBA and Van Loo-Peeters for their time and participation in this survey.