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Subsidy scheme for dual fuel H2 powered machines


Subsidy scheme for dual fuel H2 powered machines

We received good news today! The dual fuel technology is included in the Limitative Technology List of Flanders. This was announced by VLAIO, the contact point for entrepreneurs in Flanders.

Thanks to the inclusion of this technology, it is possible to apply for an ecology premium of up to 50%*.

The ecology premium is a financial contribution to companies that will make ecology investments in the Flemish Region. The Flemish Government wants to encourage companies to organize their production process in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way. In addition, it also contributes to a better score on the CO2 performance certification.

At Luyckx, we have been committed to greening the sector for some time. Last year, for example, we introduced the first dual fuel excavator running on hydrogen. The ZHY350LCH-7 dual fuel is a heavy excavator capable of reducing CO2 levels by 50%. That machine is successfully undergoing trial at Terranova's green site.

*For more information, please visit the VLAIO website.