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Hydrogen excavator in test phase Terranova


Hydrogen excavator in test phase Terranova

Last week this machine went from Brecht to Zelzate for the real deal. It will now run for a while at the Terranova site, where they continue to work on a green energy landscape.

Together with our partner, CMB.Tech, we presented this machine last summer. The ZHY350LCH-7 dual fuel is a heavy-duty construction excavator capable of requiring 50% CO2 reduction. It is the first machine within the heavy construction and earthmoving sector that provides graduated reconciliation. In the future, more and more companies will turn to sustainable alternatives like this.

The machine will now run for a few months on a trial basis at Terranova's green site. After this trial period, multiple models of the ZHY350LCH-7 will be released.

You can read more about this machine and its launch here.