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Hitachi Construction Machinery unveils two new Zaxis-7 compact excavators


Hitachi Construction Machinery unveils two new Zaxis-7 compact excavators

Hitachi Construction Machinery puts owners and operators in control of its latest range of Zaxis-7 compact excavators. The new ZX95US-7 and ZX95USB-7 Stage-V compliant models provide owners with opportunities to increase profits and reduce costs. Their enhanced comfort and safety features allow operators to feel at ease in the cab while performing productively.

Improve your profit

The powerful performance of the ZX95US-7 and ZX95USB-7 excavators will boost productivity on the job site. Larger than the ZX85-6 model, the new Zaxis-7 machines are more powerful and offer 10% greater stability and 4% greater digging force.

Life-cycle costs are reduced with the new Stage V-compliant engine, which does not require an SCR system. This eliminates the need for urea, filter replacements and associated maintenance. The all-new ECO gauge also allows operators to control fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

The excellent versatility of the Zaxis-7 compact excavators can boost your profits by working on a wider range of projects. Attachments are quickly changed using the enhanced attachment support system on the LCD monitor and the factory-ready quick hitch system including piping.

A variety of specifications will meet the requirements of any job site, including the choice of mono and two-piece boom. The compact size, short turning radius, and shorter distance between the bucket and blade, allow them to work efficiently and safely in confined areas. Grading and levelling can be completed quickly and easily thanks to the optional floating angle blade.

Feel the difference

Operators will enjoy working in the perfect working environment with Hitachi’s redesigned, state-of-the-art Zaxis-7. The ultra-spacious ZX95US and USB-7 have an industry-leading, first-class cab, which is easy to access due to a low entry level and wide entrance, and has an improved pedal layout and ample legroom.

Easy operation comes from the new ergonomic design of the console and switches, and convenient access to controls. The synchronised motion between the seat and console ensures operators feel less tired at the end of the working day.

Increase safety

To enhance safety, Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators offer a superior view of the job site. The Aerial Angle camera system provides an exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view, and operators can choose from six image options to view the machine’s immediate environment.

For superior visibility in low light conditions, the optional ambient light for the camera makes it easier to view, and the lights on the boom and cab have been repositioned to illuminate the job site more effectively.

Boost uptime

The ZX95US-7 and ZX95USB-7 excavators have been built to last and tested rigorously at Hitachi’s dedicated facilities in Japan.

Uptime is further maximised by the priority given to easy maintenance and cleaning. The spacious engine compartment makes it easy to carry out servicing and maintenance, the radiator is easily accessible, and the battery is also easy to replace. All filters are conveniently available in one compartment for quick and easy replacement.

Fleet management

The wide range of Hitachi after-sales services help owners to feel in total control of their fleets and workloads. Remote monitoring systems Owner’s Site and ConSite send operational data daily via GPRS or satellite from the excavator to Global e-Service. In addition, ConSite summarises the information in a monthly email and the ConSite Pocket app shows real-time alerts for any potential issues.

A unique innovation continuously monitors the quality of engine and hydraulic oil, 24/7. Data is transmitted daily via two oil sensors to Global e-Service and they detect if the oil quality has deteriorated. Thanks to this innovative feature, customers can be assured of the condition of their excavators, and both maintenance and unscheduled downtime are reduced.

“We are proud to introduce the new ZX95US-7 and ZX95USB-7 models to our customers,” says Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV Product Manager Excavators, Norihiko Kinugawa. “These powerful compact machines have been designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance, the ultimate in operating comfort, and reduced running costs.”