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Our complete range of tractors and wide range of agricultural and horticultural machines, combined with an efficient service, are a guarantee for ensured assistance, season after season. Luyckx combines its scale with a personal and committed approach and continues to do, today and tomorrow. After all these years Luyckx remains strongly linked with the sector where it all began: agriculture

Wheel loaders - Agri
Model Specifications
Mini wheel loaders
Model Specifications
Operating weight: 1.100 kg Kubota RT100 Operating weight: 1.100 kg
Operating weight: 1.480 kg Kubota RT140 Operating weight: 1.480 kg
Operating weight: 1.500 kg Kubota RT150 Operating weight: 1.500 kg
Operating weight: 2.100 kg Kubota RT210 Operating weight: 2.100 kg
Operating weight: 2.770 kg Kubota RT270 Operating weight: 2.770 kg
Operating weight: 2.770 kg Kubota RT280 Operating weight: 2.770 kg
Operating weight: 4.315kg Kubota R065HW Operating weight: 4.315kg
Operating weight: 4.445 kg Kubota R070 NEW Operating weight: 4.445 kg
Operating weight: 4.945 kg Kubota R090 NEW Operating weight: 4.945 kg
Agricultural Tractors
Model Specifications
T3F T3.65F T3F
T4 F/N/V Specialty T4A T4.110 T4 F/N/V Specialty T4A
T4 Powerstar Tier 4A T4.75 T4 Powerstar Tier 4A
T4 Speciality T4020 T4 Speciality
T5 UTL Dual Command T5.115 T5 UTL Dual Command
T5 EC Tier 4B T5.120 T5 EC Tier 4B
T6 Tier 4B T6.180 T6 Tier 4B
T7 SWB Tier 4B T7.225 T7 SWB Tier 4B
T7 LWB Tier 4B T7.270 T7 LWB Tier 4B
T7 HD T7.315 T7 HD
T8 Tier 4B T8.435 T8 Tier 4B
T9 T9.700 T9
TD3.50 TD3.50 TD3.50
TD5 Tier 4A TD5.115 TD5 Tier 4A
Park & Garden
Model Specifications
Boomer 20
Boomer 25
Boomer 30
Boomer 35
Boomer 40
Boomer 50
Boomer 45D Easydrive
Boomer 54D Easydrive
Model Specifications
Small Square Baler BC5060 TW EUR Small Square Baler
Small Square Baler BC5070 TW EUR Small Square Baler
Round Balers FIX BR6090 Cropcutter Round Balers FIX
Round Balers FIX BR6090 Superfeed Round Balers FIX
Round Balers Variable Roll-Belt 150 Round Balers Variable
Round Balers Variable Roll-Belt 180 Round Balers Variable
Precision land management
Model Specifications
Algemene informatie
Model Specifications
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