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​Lego® scale model Hitachi ZHY350-7


​Lego® scale model Hitachi ZHY350-7

LEGO specialist Tom Van Mol once again recreated an impressive 1/20-scale excavator down to the smallest detail.

Tom has already created two beautiful scale models for Luyckx that are on display in our hall. This time it was the turn of our dual fuel excavator. He based it on the Terranova site in Zelzate. Tom spent 170 hours working on some 50,000 cubes!

Thanks for this unique work, Tom!

Hitachi ZHY350-7 specifications

  • Weight: 37.7 tonnes
  • Engine power: 210 kW
  • H2 refuelling time: < 15 minutes
  • H2 autonomy: 1 - 2 days