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Kubota launches conversion kits for a zero-emission future


Kubota launches conversion kits for a zero-emission future

To provide a solution for customers who want an electric mini-excavator in the near future, Kubota will launch its own conversion kits later this year. With such a kit, consisting of electric motors, a battery pack and the necessary controls, a dealer can convert a new or existing Kubota mini excavator from diesel to electric.

The kits are specifically for the 1.9-ton and 2.7-ton Kubota models. Due to mass production, the kits should be cost-effective, even compared to local conversions using third-party components. Moreover, it's possible to have your own used machine converted, giving a machine, after years of operation, a second life with an upgrade to electric. Besides the cost-effective aspect, another advantage is the residual value. Over time, it's possible to transfer the electric kit to a new machine, while the old machine, after reinstalling the diesel engine, still retains residual value. This may not be the ultimate green thought, but it is a pragmatic and realistic solution for users working with lower margins per operating hour. For them, a good residual value is important.

This article is based on and adapted from an original publication by Bouwmachines.