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Hitachi Zero Emission excavator ZE85 - For a clean jobsite


Hitachi Zero Emission excavator ZE85 - For a clean jobsite

To meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable and socially responsible business practices, Hitachi, in cooperation with KTEG, launched the ZE85.

Based on the Hitachi ZX85US, the ZE85 offers a run time of four hours in its maximum configuration by which the capacity requirements can be customised with several built-in battery modules. The charging time can be reduced to 35 - 45 minutes when using a CCS2 interface of up to 150 kW to charge the battery system. This means it can be charged during break times on the job site.

In addition, to ensure continuous operation, it is also possible to charge the machine with 400 V CEE grid during break times as well as during operation. The ZE85 offers the same high levels of performance and operator comfort as the ZX85US. The cab is air-conditioned and the intuitive controls provide a complete overview of the machine‘s status. Just like the ZX85US base machine the ZE85 is suitable to use a 0.28 m3 bucket (ISO heaped) as well as tools for the 8-9 to class.

Some of the specifications:

  • Battery powered hydraulic excavator
  • Operating weight: 8,500 kg
  • Excavator capacity: 0.33 m³
  • 611V battery consisting of 4 x 24.4 kWh
  • Thermal conditioning system for the high voltage battery and cabin with heat pump and heating unit
  • 2 x 22kW on-board charging system
  • 40 kW electric drive incl. motor and inverter
  • High and low voltage inverter
  • AC unit with on-board charging system protection
  • Main controller with remote access
  • Multifunctional monitor
  • CC S2 fast charging system

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