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Hitachi Report: ZX225USLC-7 at Intermat


Hitachi Report: ZX225USLC-7 at Intermat

Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe (HCME) will showcase the ZX225USLC-7 medium excavator at Intermat in April. Featuring the Zaxis-7 model on stand 6H039, it will be equipped with the Xwatch Leica Geosystems 3D Avoidance System, jointly installed at the HCME factory in Amsterdam.

This groundbreaking safety solution aims to further improve safety and efficiency on-site, providing additional protection for personnel, infrastructure, and the environment. Bill Drougkas, HCME Manager Product Management & Solution Linkage, comments, "By providing solutions like these to our customers, we can merge the unparalleled control, precision, and reliability of Hitachi excavators with the accuracy of 3D technology, aiding them in enhancing safety and efficiency on-site."

Enhancing safety, the Hitachi ZX225USLC-7 offers operators a superior view of the job site, supported by the exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view from the Aerial Angle camera system. New LED work lights and an extended windscreen wiper enable operators to work confidently in challenging conditions.

Moreover, the Zaxis-7 model enhances operator comfort with reduced noise levels and vibration compared to its predecessor. It features a wider door opening, increased interior space, and ergonomically designed controls for improved efficiency.

Owners can also benefit from the Zaxis-7 model, which offers up to 11% less fuel consumption than previous models, thanks to Hitachi’s industry-leading TRIAS III hydraulic system ensuring high performance across applications.

Tailored to diverse job site needs, the ZX225USLC-7 offers various configurations such as mono and two-piece boom options, along with stability-enhancing long undercarriages and maneuverability-focused short tail designs.

"We eagerly anticipate showcasing the ZX225USLC-7 medium excavator at Intermat this year, alongside the additional collision avoidance system developed by Xwatch and Leica Geosystems," says Bill Drougkas. "We take pride in collaborating with industry leaders to empower owners and operators to optimize on-site performance."

The ZX225USLC-7, among other innovative solutions, will be presented at the Hitachi stand. Available through Hitachi Premium Rental and Zaxis Finance, both initiatives will be promoted at the exhibition held at Paris-Nord Villepinte from April 24-27.