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Agriculture Day: it starts with us


Agriculture Day: it starts with us

We're counting down to Agriculture Day on Sunday, September 18. Visit agricultural and horticultural companies and find out how it really works.

Farm in the spotlight

Ton grew up on his parents' dairy farm in the Netherlands. In 1990 he and his wife Elly bought a dairy farm in Brecht, but in 2005 they switched to dairy goats. That was not an obvious move, as the Flemish goat sector was still in its infancy at the time. Ton, who is the leader of the goat farming working group of Boerenbond, has seen the sector grow strongly over the past ten years. He hopes that goat farming can put itself even more on the map in the future.

The farm has 625 dairy goats and 175 rearing goats, which are housed in potting stalls. Ton and Elly have 27 ha of land in use, of which 10 ha is corn and 17 ha grass. They regularly receive schoolchildren from the neighborhood and other visitors. During guided tours they tell very openly about how they work. Two days a week Ton and Elly are also care farmers.

What is there to experience that day?

There are guided tours all day long. The children can drive the tractor and have fun in a bouncy castle and on a straw pyramid.

Did you know that Ton belongs to the first generation of professional goat keepers in Flanders?

Be sure to pay them a visit on September 18th (Westmallebaan, Brecht). Welcome from 10 to 18!